Disciple Groups

Disciple groups are an opportunity to dive deeply into your relationship with God, yourself and others.  We meet in groups of 4-6 plus a supervisor for a 12 week commitment.  Attendance is very important because over these 12 weeks the group will be working deliberately on bonding and forming a safe community for vulnerable conversations.


We will look at past wounds, defense mechanisms and current beliefs.  Together we will practice skills like emotional self-awareness, empathy, active listening and learning to articulate our emotions and beliefs in ways that bring about connection rather than separation.  Groups are scheduled according to availability of supervisors and participants.  If you are interested please submit an application below.

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BFL Bible Study

BFL is a community of young adults who gather around fantasy TV competitions like The Bachelor and football.  On Monday evenings we meet, discuss scripture, eat, drink, and watch shows as we hangout. All are welcome for whichever part of the evening they want to be a part of.


The community built around these shows goes much deeper as individuals from all walks of life engage in each other's daily lives, study scripture, and go on trips together. This community formed naturally but intentionality is our focus, whether it be spending time together at watch parties or meeting up at a moment's notice to comfort in a time of need.

We meet in homes. Contact Matt if you you'd like to come.